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The strategic cooperation between Autorecycling Kempers GmbH and RE.LION.BAT. Circular GmbH is unique in Germany and the first holistic system for the sustainable recycling of complete electric vehicles and lithium batteries in the Euro-Industrypark in Meppen-Versen.

Autorecycling Kempers

With over 60 years of experience, Kempers is one of the leading and most modern companies of its kind in Germany. Up to 10,000 vehicles per year can be processed at the Meppen site - always in strict compliance with legal regulations, of course.

Continuous investment, highly qualified personnel, as well as expertise, know-how and reliability have made Kempers a leader in the industry and is now a partner to many well-known car manufacturers and insurance companies.

RE.LION.BAT. Circular

As a joint venture between the mobility specialist LUEG and the DEPPE Group, RE.LION.BAT. Circular combines the core competences and potential of the two companies to establish a comprehensive value chain for the recycling of lithium batteries.

The investment by RE.LION.BAT. Circular GmbH's investment in the construction of one of the largest and most modern lithium battery recycling plants in Europe makes it possible to recycle large volumes of lithium batteries in an almost CO2-neutral way and to reuse over 96% of the resulting recyclates. 

The aim of the partnership is to create a holistic process for the logistics, dismantling, reuse and recycling of electric vehicles and their high-voltage batteries. Both companies are located in the Europark Meppen-Versen industrial estate with direct access to the A 31 motorway and the E 233 European route. 


We can collect both complete vehicles and individual high-voltage batteries nationwide in accordance with applicable ADR regulations using a wide variety of transport systems with our own fleet of lorries.


Kempers has been working closely with German OEMs since 1998. We specialise in both dismantling and total destruction.


Safe and sustainable disposal of electric, hybrid, mild hybrid (48v), CNG and hydrogen vehicles. 


With our high-quality recycling, we ensure maximum sustainability and also reduce the carbon footprint.

"The construction of the battery recycling plant at the Meppen site and the cooperation between Kempers and RE.LION.BAT are of central importance for Emsland and an important step in driving forward the necessary expansion of battery recycling in Germany. The largest centre of excellence for e-mobility recycling in Germany and the Benelux region is thus being created in Meppen."

Helmut Knurbein
Mayor of the town of Meppen

We are investing in highly efficient and automated systems for battery recycling. At the Meppen site, we are building a completely new recycling route that is optimised from the ground up for the high requirements of lithium battery recycling.

With a population of 36,721 (as of 2022), the town of Meppen is the district town of the Emsland district, the largest district in Lower Saxony in terms of area and the second largest in the Federal Republic of Germany.

In the 189 km² town of Meppen, 21,167 people are employed in around 2,000 commercial enterprises and subject to social insurance contributions (as of 2022).

In recent decades, Meppen has developed into a modern economic centre and is one of the regions with the strongest economic growth in Germany. With an increase of over 54 % from 2000 to 2022, the number of employees subject to social security contributions also confirms this trend. 

Want to be part of it?

There are still plots available in our neighbourhood

Service providers and industrial companies in particular have settled in the Euro-Industriepark Meppen-Versen.  

The ideal location at the junction of the A 31 motorway and the E 233/B 402 is a great opportunity for companies to expand their customer base as far as the Ruhr region, the Netherlands and the far north. East-west and north-south traffic is effectively utilised at this location and forms a logistical hub. 

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